Additional Staff


We seek to provide customers with effective, economic, feasible and productive solutions to their specific process needs.

Chris Sutton

Vice President

Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of engineering, equipment manufacturing and project management services. He is able to provide SET's customer base with revenue generating solutions to specific process needs through ASRS integration and custom equipment solutions. Chris is able to design and manufacture both hard and flexible automation solutions for various applications. Chris has managed automation projects in over a dozen countries on six continents and consistently completes his projects within budget and on time. He also has extensive experience in integrating electric robots from different manufacturers such as ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, etc.

Chris attended both the University of Montevallo and The University of Alabama in Birmingham where he studied Engineering. He has extensive training in Computer Aided Design, including AutoCad and Solidworks

Rusty Rives, P.E.
Sr. Mechanical Engineer

Rusty brings a wealth of design knowledge and experience to the professional staff of SET, Inc. Rusty received his BSME from Mississippi State University and has a Masters of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

Rusty’s experience includes design experience with Sutton Engineering Technologies, Hyperion Technology Group, Power Automation Systems, Vulcan Engineering Company, Holmac Corporation and HMC Technologies. His responsibilities have included conceptualizing, estimating, and designing automated machinery for all facets of industrial needs. He has completed machinery design projects in the metal cutting, forming, assembly and testing fields.  

Rusty's project work in the past has included companies like General Motors, Caterpillar, Technocast, Wescast Industries, BAE Systems, various international manufacturers, and a host of other industrial sites.

Foundry Cleaning Room Systems
Stand Grinders
Swing Frame Grinders
Robotic Grinding Cells
Hand Grinding Tools
Grinding Booths

Foundry Environmental Control Equipment
Metallurgical Control Systems
Sand System Control Systems
Cleaning Room Control Systems
Coreroom Control Systems
General Building Ventilation
Mechanical Reclamation Systems
Thermal Reclamation Systems 


Foundry Melting Systems
Electric Arc Furnaces
Charge Make-Up/ Feeder Systems

Charge Preheaters
Pouring Monorail and Bridge Systems
Electrical Controls

Foundry Molding Systems

No Bake Molding Systems
Green Sand Molding Systems
Shell Molding Systems
Investment Casting Molding Systems
Lost Foam  Molding Systems
Electrical Controls

Foundry Coremaking Operations
Automatic Core Blowing Machines
Integrated Core Mixer/Hdlg System
Shell Core Machines
Electrical Controls

Jack Walton, P.E.

Sr. Electrical Engineer

Jack brings a wealth of design knowledge and experience to the professional staff of SET, Inc. Jack received his BSEE from Auburn University and has continued his education experience through the years in PLC training and specialized training programs in power distribution and high voltage studies.

Jack’s experience includes project management and design experience with Sutton Engineering Technologies, Inc., Vulcan Engineering Company, Industrial Heating and Finishing, Mouat Company, Revere Control Systems, Passavant Corporation and Mead Corporation. His 45 years of engineering experience a range of applications including process and instrumentation systems, Hydraulic prime movers and valve control, pneumatic controls, electrical distribution and plant utility design, PLC
programming, and machine design and control.

Jack’s project work in the past has included companies like General Motors, Caterpillar, Saturn Corporation, Motor Castings, Lufkin Industries, Wheland Foundry, John Deere, and many more…

Foundry Shakeout and Sand Handling Components
Vibratory Conveying Systems
Vibratory Shakeouts
Rotary Attrition Drums
Vibratory Feeders
Belt Conveyors
Bucket Elevators
Sand Coolers (Evaporative and non-contact)
Sand Transporters
Flexawall Belt Conveyors
Magnetic Separation Equipment
Sand Storage Silos
Vibrating Bin Bottom Activators
Electrical Controls

Foundry Process Equipment
Evaporative Cooling Towers
Water Pumping Systems
Fluidize Blower Systems
Compressed Air Systems
Electrical Distribution Systems
Electrical Controls

Barry Kornegay, P.E.
Sr. Project Mgr / Business Development Mgr

Barry brings over 25 years of industrial and commercial design experience to the SET team. The majority of his experience was derived from 20 years of project and engineering management work at Vulcan Engineering Company, Helena, Alabama.

During his tenure at Vulcan, Barry was responsible for overseeing large turnkey and systems integrated projects in the metal casting industry. He is a strong team leader, seasoned problem solver and able to take conceptual designs and ideas and turn them into a viable industrial solution. Prior to his work at Vulcan he was a project engineer at Brownlee Morrow Engineering Company and Stockham Valves & Fittings, Inc.

Barry's project work in the past has included companies like General Motors, Caterpillar, Technocast, Wescast Industries, ME Elecmetal, Wheland Foundry, Conbraco Industries, Shelco Foundry and Machine, Grede Foundries, and a host of other industrial sites.

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Randy Sutton, P.E.
President and CEO

Randy began SET in 2008 after having spent 20+ years in heavy industrial design at HMC Technologies, Vulcan Engineering Co., and most recently as Director of Projects for Power Automation Systems.

Randy has experience in detailed machinery design as well as the project management of large scale turnkey projects. He possesses strategic and managerial skills to help meet the customer's process and profitability objectives. He is a proven leader in any situation and is a methodical problem solver and solution generator for any opportunity.

Randy graduated from the University of Alabama in Birmingham in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and finished his Masters of Engineering in the Information Engineering Management Executive Program at the University of Alabama in Birmingham in 2009. He is a registered professional engineer in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi and South Carolina. He is a member of NCEES and ASPE.

Mike Yessick, Mechanical Designer
Tracy Horne, Mechanical Designer
Elizabeth Meany, Parts and Logistics
Larry Walters, Shop Foreman
Chuck Green, Field Operations Mgr
Jacob Carroll, Painter / Assembly
BJ Haga, Assembly
Additional Contract Millwright help as required